MAXCARE honeycomb air mattress


Air Mattress MAXCARE Honeycomb Type I PDK-005
product details
The Honeycomb Anti-Bedsore Air Mattress, MaxCare brand, is an air mattress to prevent pressure sores for patients. The curl type is used for patients who cannot move themselves. paralyzed patients paralyzed patients The elderly with the principle of alternating pressure causes the air mattress to move 1 inflate 1 continuously.
• 1 year warranty for the air mattress and 3 year warranty for the motor from the company
• Air mattresses are made of 0.3 mm. thick PVC material, waterproof.
• Work in-out air, alternate rows, collapse 1, inflate 1
• Load up to 130 Kgs.
• Size: width x length 90×200x7 cm
• Air pump motor, easy to use, works automatically to switch air.
• The air pump motor can adjust the air pressure level.
• Air pump motor works quietly, easy to use.
• There is a button to adjust the air pressure, large, handy.
• Air pressure 15-20 Kp
• There are 130 bubbles.
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