digital body scanner


Digital body thermometer I MT-B182

product details
Features of the machine
• Beeps when the unit is ready to take measurements. and when the measurement is complete
• It takes about 25 seconds to measure at the desired measurement area of an individual.
such as the mouth, armpit or rectum, with normal temperature between Thermometer 35.2-37.7 degrees Celsius (C)
• Save the last measurement.
• Auto power off when not in use.
Temperature measurement method:
• Press the on/off button. Then the machine will beep 1 time, the display will display 188.8, the LCD will display about 2 seconds.
• The screen will show the last recorded temperature. After that, the screen will show 37.0°C (98.6°F).
• If the ambient temperature is below 32.0°C, the instrument will display the symbol "Lo" indicating that the instrument is ready to measure.
• Then continue to measure until the machine beeps "beep" 10 times, indicating that the machine has completed the measurement.
• Press the on/off button. after the end of the temperature measurement (The machine will automatically turn off. after stopping for about 10 minutes)
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