Air mattresses brand Phenoma, open channel


Phenoma curl air mattress (Phenoma) I PDK-A02-1

American standard FDA*** special edition, can open the channel for excretion on the bed***

Properties Air mattresses or air beds prevent bedsores, suitable for bedridden patients with difficult movements, unable to turn themselves around, which may cause pressure sores from the body surface being pressed for a long time until Can cause pressure sores, suitable for patients who have to lie in bed for a long time

• The cause of pressure sores is the surface of the body that is pressed against the weight of the body until that surface does not have good blood circulation, causing that body surface to turn red until it turns black (caused by blood vessels. varicose blood does not drain and does not have blood to feed), so the wound ruptures into a pressure ulcer

• Treatment is to keep clean, regularly wash the wound area using sterile saline, wash and dry, can use a cotton ball moistened with alcohol to wipe around the wound (do not touch the wound because it can cause burning) to reduce Opportunity of infection around the wound Should use a quality air mattress when the patient is unable to turn himself around Should use a pressure sore ointment around the wound to help the wound heal faster PS. by pharmacists from OMG Medical Store. We want customers to be able to get the most out of all of our products. Thank you.

• Material from PVC+PU, thickness 0.3 mm.

•Air mattress size: width 90 cm, length 200 cm, height 7 cm (when inflated) •Good ventilation There is a compartment in the middle to place a removable excretory container •Supports a maximum weight of 135 kg

• There are 20 corrugations. Characteristics of the air compressor.

• The size of the air pump: width 13 cm. length 25 cm. height 10 cm. weight 1 kg.

• Can be used with electricity 220 volts • Air circulation cycle every 10 minutes

• Controlled by microcomputer system Instructions for use 1. Connect both air tubes to the air pump 2. Connect the other two to the air mattress Anti-bedsore curl 3. Plug in the power and turn on the switch. 4. Rotate to adjust the softness level and wait for 20-40 minutes, the bed will gradually expand according to the air volume. 5. Always clean and check the leakage of the air mattress and check the rubber hose. Equipment in the box 1. Air mattress 2. Rubber hose with spare fuse 3. Air pump
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