Aminoleban-Oral 450 g.


Aminoleban-Oral 450 g.


Aminoleban-Oral 450g.

Aminoleban-oral, a medical food for patients with liver disease, for dietary supplementation in patients with impaired liver function.

Helps to reduce protein and energy deficiency in patients with liver disease, improves quality of liver disease patients, reduces mortality in patients with liver disease. g (approx. 5 scoops) dissolved in 180 ml of warm (approx. 50 ° C) water, stir until homogeneous.

Or use a blender Or shake in a sealed container Will get a volume of about 200 ml, which will provide about 210 kcal of energy (osmolarity 600mOsm/L)

Aminoleban-Oral 1 can, 450 grams, can be mixed 9 times, can add sweetened water to flavor, but should not be mixed with other acidic substances such as citrus juices, etc.

?Method of use By taking a supplemental drink or giving intravenously 3 times a day (150g/day) between meals and before bedtime, when mixed, should be used or drunk immediately.

Caution If it is necessary to prepare several meals at the same time, it must be stored in the refrigerator and used up within 24 hours.

Can be separated before use, should be shaken or stirred to homogeneity before use Storage When the can has not been opened, it should be stored in a dry and cool place (not more than 30 ° ) and

Store away from light. Once opened, the canister should be tightly closed after each use. Store in a cool, dry place (not exceeding 30°C).

For which groups of patients is Aminoleban Oral suitable?

• Patients with liver disease, severe normal liver function.
• Patients with liver cirrhosis.
• liver cancer patients
• People with brain symptoms due to liver disease.
Medical food is used on the advice of a doctor.
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