Patient bed, 3 gears, hand crank, slide rail, PP bed base, model PDK-V3k


Patient Bed 3-Grain Hand Crank Slide Rail PP Bed Base I PDK-V3k

product details
• Structure made of high quality steel, using steel from BAO Steel, high quality steel production standard, thickness 0.2 mm.
• Able to adjust the function in 3 levels, adjust the back 0 - 75 degrees, adjust the leg up 0 - 38 degrees, and adjust the height from 44 - 74 centimeters.
• Bed size 90 × 192 × 44 – 74 cm. (W×H×H)
• The bed base is made of advanced production technology PP. The base of the bed has 4-5 sections, allowing it to be installed freely and easily.
• The head and foot of the bed are made of high quality seamless PP that can be removed or put in.
• With bumper cover to reduce impact. At the horizontal corner bumper at the end of the bed Castors diameter 65 mm. prevent collision between the bed and the wall.
• Slide rails for grabbing are made of aluminum, railings, 6 compartments, height, can be folded, slide rail height 42 cm.
• 5 inch wheels with 4 locks
• There are hooks for hanging on 2 sides of the bed. improves comfort
• 1 set of IV poles can support 15 kg.
• Mattress 1 piece, mattress height 3 inches
• Load up to 200 kg.
• 1 year structural warranty
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