Patient bed, elderly, 3 gears, rotating hand, slide rail, PP bed base, model PDK-V6k


Patient bed, elderly, 3 gears, hand crank, slide rail, bed base PP I PDK-V6k

product details
• Electric control bed.
• can be adjusted high-low , Adjust the knee bent posture, adjust the bed tilt to make the head high-low.
Product Features
• It is a type of bed that works with an electric motor system.
• Able to control the posture of the bed with a remote electric motor system.
• The headboard and footboard are made of seamless PP and can be disassembled.
• There are bumpers at every horizontal corner at the end of both the head and foot sides of the bed. Castors diameter 65 mm. prevent collision between the bed and the wall.
• The mattress pad is made of PP molded by advanced production technology. The base of the bed has four to five sections, allowing it to be installed freely and easily.
• The head and footboards are made of molded PP, wide and tall shape, large size, can be sterilized at 100 degrees Celsius.
• American Motors Loudness is not more than 50 decibels, meets ISO standards.
• Electrical system 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz
• Load up to 200 kg.
• Adjust the backrest 0-75° (±5°) degrees against the horizontal.
• Adjust the knee 0-46° (±5°) degree against the horizontal.
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