3-point electric bed, , PP head end, slide rails, 4 sections mattress model PDK-B02-l


Electric bed 3 gears, PP head end, slide rails, and mattress 4 sections I PDK-B02-l

Product Features
• It is a type of bed that works with an electric motor system, can control the posture of the bed with a remote electric motor system.
• headboard and footboard can be disassembled
• There are bumpers at every corner, both at the head of the bed and at the bottom of the bed.
• Mattress pads are metal stamping.
• 4 independent locking bed wheels
• Maximum load 250 kg, bed weight 75 kg
• 1 year quality warranty under normal use, 2 years motor
• Adjust the backrest 0-80 degrees with the horizontal
• Adjust knee level 0-45 degrees with horizontal
• Adjustable height from the floor 40-70 cm
Product size
• Bed size, width x length x height = 96 x 206 x(40-70) cm.
• Telescopic rail made of aluminum, height 36 cm. There are 5 railings to prevent falling. with plastic lock
• 1 set of IV poles - 1 set of mattresses, lined with coconut fiber and sponge, 8 cm thick
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