Protective clothing against dust germs and chemicals (PPE), size 70 grams, free site PDK-PPE-PE


Protective clothing against dust germs and chemicals (PPE) I PDK-PPE-PE

product details
• The fabric can prevent water spray, dust and germs.
• There is a front zipper with 3 layers of stitching, durable, convenient to wear.
• There is a hat to wear, flexible to fit all head sizes.
• There is an elastic band to fasten the cap, the cuffs and the ends of both legs.
• Light weight, comfortable to wear, not uncomfortable
• Air flow does not irritate the skin
• Helps protect the wearer's body from dust and the splash of harmful substances.
• The fabric is resistant to chemicals and pathogens. and no static electricity
• Free from mold and bacteria.
• Help protect raw materials. Equipment and products in the production process will not be contaminated by dust or bacteria that may be attached to the worker's clothing.
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