Protective clothing against dust germs And chemicals (PPE), size 75 grams, size L, chest size 110, height 174-185 cm.


Protective clothing against dust germs and chemicals (PPE) I PDK-PPE-L

product details
• Dust protection Protection against germs and chemicals
• Bust 110-140 cm. Height of the wearer 150-170 cm.
• Anti-germ suit. Prevent chemicals, dust, use to cover the whole body. Highly effective in protecting the body from germs, dust and splashing of liquid chemicals. Passed the test to protect the skin from infective agents. The structure and quality of the fabric fibers are excellent, soft, lightweight, increasing comfort while wearing. for flexibility and strength Made from synthetic fibers coated with Laminate film to increase dust and chemical protection. PPE and PVC PPE suits
• PPE body protection suit made from grade A material covering the whole body.
• Waterproof and secretion resistant.
• Designed to be flexible to wear, comfortable to wear.
• White or blue suit, thickness 40gsm.
• Product made in Thailand.
• Products produced in excess of orders. The same standard as famous brands
• The same standard PPE that is delivered to hospitals and foundations in Thailand.
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