Knee support strap model PDK-KneeB




Knee Support Strap I PDK-KneeB

product details

• Designed in the form of sleeves to take care of the knee tightly. Extra flexible, breathable, helps to save the knee in all types of exercise. There is a belt with cross velcro to adjust the fit to suit your knee size. and quality fabrics, quality grades are definitely standardized

• Made from flexible materials. This model can be wrapped around the knee. Full size has a strap that wraps around. making it very compact breathable fabric There is a belt with crossed velcro fastening. Can adjust the firmness level
• Used for knee wear. To prevent and relieve sprains, bruises, swelling, loss of appetite, pain, swelling around the knee, helping to support strength
Reduce the chances of a loose knee Reduce knee and patella injuries Can be used for both exercisers or people with knee injuries

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