Gluneo Blood Collection Needle Model PDK-904


Blood Collection Needle Gluneo I PDK-904

Product details:
• 100 blood collection needles, 1 box
• Can be used with Gluneolite machines and many other models.
• Thin needle 28g, thin type, less pain
how to use
• Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water and keep them dry.
 Select the finger you want to bleed. The point where the blood is to be drawn should be away from the center of the fingertip.
• Close the tip of the venipuncture needle.
• Insert the needle into the pen and draw blood.
• put a drop of blood into the blood test strip
• Check the blood on the finger clean.
• After the blood is drawn, it should The needle tip cap should be removed and discarded in a suitable container.
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