Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor MICROOOOLIFE I 3NM13E


Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor MICROOOOLIFE I 3NM13E

product details
• The Micro Life blood pressure monitor is suitable for people who want to measure their blood pressure by themselves, especially the elderly. or those who are at risk for heart disease High blood pressure, coronary artery disease, or other diseases that affect the heart The device can remind you to see a doctor. With PAD Microlife technology that can detect the pulse and detect abnormal heartbeats (Pulse Arrhythmias), the system will automatically notify with the PAD pulse symbol rising frequently after measurement. 3-4 times within 1 week for you to hurry to see a doctor to check for heart abnormalities.
• Armband 2 in 1, small and large arms can be used with armbands, size M-L, size 22-42 cm.

Additional Features
• Automatic notification on screen when armband is inserted incorrectly or problems with the armband, such as the armband not being tight or the wind does not enter the armband
• Can store the last 30 measurements and can press the M button to view all the past pressure values ​​and display the date and time while recording.
• Can be used with a DC 6V, 600mA adapter or AA1.5 V4 batteries, which can be used simultaneously in 2 systems
• when the battery is running low The battery symbol will automatically flash as a notification.
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