Yuwell 7EA


Yuwell 7EA Phlegm Suction Machine


Phlegm Suction Machine Yuwell 7EA

Product details:
• Used for sucking phlegm
• Suitable for first aid Use it in the emergency room or at home.
• It is a powerful phlegm suction machine.
• New style embedded liquid containers inside The whole body is covered with plastic.
• Adjust the suction power as needed in use.
Product Features
• The machine is strong, durable, easy to clean.
• The vacuum pump works with a piston system. Easy maintenance, no lubricants required.
• There is a system to prevent overflow of liquid entering the pump.
• Maximum suction power ≥560 mmHg , maximum suction rate ≥15 liters/min.
• The suction power can be adjusted during use. by adjusting from 150 mmHg – maximum suction power
• Loud noise does not exceed 65 decibels, his power is 90 VA, the power is used AC 220V, 50HG.
• Machine dimensions 28x19.6x28.5 cm, weight 4.4 kg.
• 1000 ml liquid bottle
• User manual 1 set
• 1 set of 1000 ml liquid dispenser with overflow set
• 1 set of sputum suction hoses for children and adults
• Suction Conductor, length 2 meters, 1 piece
• 2 air filters
• Fuse Tube 1 set Fingertip 1 piece

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