Waylon sprayer model BR-CN136


Waylon I inhaler BR-CN136


Product details
• The nebulizer is suitable for people with respiratory problems.
• Allergies, asthma, emphysema, bronchitis and other diseases in the respiratory system
• The machine works with a piston system (Piston Compressor).
• The machine has a compartment with a cover for wearing equipment.
• There is a dust filter (FILTER) that can be easily replaced.
unique feature
• Use with alternating current 230 Volts, 50 Earths, 0.7 Amps.
• Power input 160VA.
• The strength can be adjusted. (pressure while spraying 9-16Psi)
• MMAD droplet size 3.0 microns
• The maximum aerosol delivery rate is 0.55 ml per minute.
• While working, the noise level does not exceed 58 decibels (A).
• Nebuilzer solution capacity up to 6ml, residual volume of up to 0.5 ml.
• The unit provides air flow rate of 9 liters per minute.
• Maximum pressure 35-50 psi (241 kpe to 345 kpa)
• The unit during operation has a noise level of not more than 54 decibels (A) at 1 meter.
• The machine has a dust filter CFILTER that can be easily replaced, conforming to ISO13485 and EC standards.
• Size 270x160x97 (LxWxH)
1 year product warranty

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