Phenoma, model P-02, thick curl, large curl, American standard quality


Air mattress with thick, large curls, quality, American standard Phenoma I P-02

Product details
• Material from PVC+PU, thickness 0.3 mm.
• Air mattress, width 90 cm., length 200 cm., height 7 cm. (when inflated)
• Good ventilation, not stuffy • Can support up to 135 kg. • Contains 20 lobes.
Features of the air pump:
• Size of the air pump, width 13 cm., length 25 cm., height 10 cm., weight 1 kg.
• Compatible with 220 Volt electricity.
• Wind cycle time every 10 minutes.
• Controlled by a microcomputer system.
Instructions for use
1. Connect the air pipe. Both lines are connected to the air pump.
2. Connect the other two lines to the mattress.
Wind, prevent pressure ulcers, curly type
3. Plug in the power and turn the switch to the ON position.
4. Rotate to adjust the softness level.
hard and wait a moment, about 20-40 minutes, the bed will gradually expand according to the amount of air
5. Keep cleaning.
And check the air mattress for leaks and check the rubber hose always the equipment in the box.
1. air mattress
2. Rubber hose
3. Air pump
4 corrugated parts
3 years warranty for the air pump (motor only, not including the case of falling, impact and water)
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