Female urinal cylinder model PDK-U2


Female urinal I PDK-U2

Product details
• Used for urinating. for women
• Urinary opening. When removed, it can be a urinal for men.
• feature
• The material is made of thick white plastic, strong, good quality.
• Easy to clean.
• There is a lid with a strap on the lid. The lid does not fall off easily.
• with handle
• Has a handle, easy to hold.
• Holds up to 1 liter of urine.
• Product size
• The muzzle is 6.5 cm. wide.
• Cylinder base, width 10 cm., length 21 cm., height 8.5 cm.
• How to use
• Close the lid and use as needed.
• After use, close the cap tightly to prevent spillage and odor.
• Maintenance methods
• Store away from sunlight, in a dry place, the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees.
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