Mattress for bed, patient, elderly, 4-part foam mattress, 83*192*8 CM PDK-007


mattress for bed elderly patients Four-part sponge compression mattress I PDK-007
Product details
• Product size
• Bed size, width x length x height = 95 x 216 x(40-74) cm.
• Railing, falling, height 33.35 cm.
• 4 independent locking bed wheels, fabric line, 5 inch wheel center
• Height including seat 57 – 82 cm.
• Accessories
• IV pole 1 set
• Drainage hook 2 pcs.
1 set of mattresses
• Compliant
• CE
specific conditions
1 year warranty under normal use, spare parts are available for 5 years.
• It is a product imported from abroad.
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