Ankle Strap Blue | PDK-AnkleS

Protect ankle injuries and reduce the risk of injury. and those with chronic and acute ankle injuries Helps relieve pain and those with plantar fasciitis, ankle strain

• Breathable material. and prevent skin irritation Comfortable, flexible, durable
• Can be cleaned By washing with soapy water, dry in the shade, do not break in the sun.
• Adjustable straps parallel to the ankle.
• The heel opens out. Allows range of motion during activities and still provides support for ankles. tendons and joints

• Support ankle to reduce ankle sprain and tendon inflammation.
• Ankle straps to prevent dangerous sports.
• Helps support the strength of the joints. Prevent further injuries from exercise, bruises or work.
• Can be used to relieve foot joint injuries. By putting a massage pill and covering it with an ankle bandage, it can help speed recovery.
• Reduces the movement of things into the feet. or prevent ankle sprain make recuperation From ankle injuries, heel ankles heal faster, suitable for people with ankle injuries, heel ankles, ankle sprains, ankle sprains

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