Neo-Moon Melon Flavor (NEO-MUNE)


Neo-Moon Melon Flavor (NEO-MUNE)


Neo-Moon Melon Flavor (NEO-MUNE)

Patients with high stress conditions, such as patients with increased dietary requirements after surgery or accidents, cancer, burns

NEO-MUNE NEO-MUNE milk is a medical food for patients who require high protein and energy, such as cancer patients. Patients with increased nutritional requirements after surgery or accidents, burns


Features of NEO-MUNE
• Provide complete energy and nutrients.

• Can be used as a source of nutrients. or as a supplement
• High protein, formulated with glutamine, arginine and fish oil and beta-carotene.
• Boosts the immune system, does not contain lactose.
• No added sugar.

Approximately important components
Dextrin 45.17%
Sodium Caseinate 18.25%
Medium Chain Triglyceride 6.48%
arginine 5.21%,
Polydextrose 4%
Corn oil 3.48%
Glutamine 2.61%
Fish oil 2.32%
Mineral salt 1.94%
Vitamin 0.77%
Artificial flavor and imitate nature. Packing size 1 can (400 grams) provides 100 grams of protein, 1668 kcal of energy.

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