Yuwell pressure gauge model YE660E


Yuwell pressure gauge | YE660E


Product details
• Small, compact, lightweight, easy to carry.
• Thai speaking voice (Adjustable volume) tells the result of the pressure value. without having to translate the results yourself
• Processing of pressure readings according to the World Health Organization (WHO)
• Use the Oscillation system for measuring blood pressure in the upper arm area, processed by the system • Digital, record the value 60 times.
• Can measure the pressure during the contraction of the heart ( Systolic )
• Measured range
Upper pressure: 60-230 mm.
Lower pressure: 40-130 mm.
Pulse 40-200 beats/min.
• The pressure of the heart to relax (Diastolic) and the frequency of the pulse.
• The cuff has a distinctive feature. There is a curved axis for the upper arm. make it easier to wear
• Large, clear, easy-to-read LCD display screen. Even older people with eyesight can see the numbers on the screen.
• Machine size 127 x 93 x 74 mm.


Machine weight 267 grams
Product warranty 3 years


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