Bath chair for elderly


Bath chair | PDK-JB206B
"Structure made of aluminum alloy Prevent rust "


• with backrest and armrests
• Seats manufactured from HDPE (HDPE) or high density polyethylene.
• With drainage holes to prevent slipping from the chair.
• There is a rubber stopper to prevent sliding of the chair on all 4 legs.
• You can adjust the height - low, 6 levels from 73-85 cm.

Product dimensions:  45 x 44 x 73-85 cm. (LxWxH)
Size of the backrest:  41. 5 x 17 cm.
Seat width:  40. 5 x 30.5 cm.
Product Weight:  3.2 kg.
"Can hold the patient's weight 136 kg."


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