Necessary accessories for patients, the elderly

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Necessary accessories for patients, the elderly

Difficulty walking ..the bathroom is far away
PDK recommends #device to help with excretion suitable for elderly patients person who has difficulty moving Can be placed in the bedroom or placed in a suitable position that makes errands more convenient.

four legged chair There are both foldable and non-foldable types. For people with limited space or want to go out of the area often Recommended foldable type will be more convenient. There is a built-in sewage tank. Ready to adjust the size to suit the user.

#three-legged chair Suitable for homes that sit in a pit toilet, have to squat, can be placed over the toilet bowl or easy to carry outside the area There are 3 sizes to choose from, s m l. Choose the level to suit the characteristics of the user. make it more convenient

#Sleeping pot helps support excretion. Used for people who have difficulty getting up to go to the bathroom Can excrete on the bed conveniently

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